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How to unpack your pillow:

crook unboxing.jpg

Remove the rolled pillow from the box

Dyplon unpack 2.jpg

Release the pillow on a flat surface

Dyplon unpack 7.jpg

Start peeling the roll-up fabric

Dyplon unpack 5.jpg

Let the pillow rest for couple minutes

Dyplon unpack 1.jpg

Peel slowly

crook unpack 2.jpg

Your pillow is ready to use

How to pack your pillow:

dyplon pack 1.jpg

Place your hands on the pillow as shown on the picture

dyplon bridge packed.jpg

The roll-up fabric will keep your pillow tight, forever

dyplon pack 2.jpg

Start rolling up the pillow with some pressure

dyplon pack 3.jpg

Ensure you have a tight cylinder shape

dyplon unpack
dyplon pack
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