How to pack Modus A:

Packing Dyplon Modus A

Place your hands on Modus as shown on the picture

Packing Dyplon Modus A

Start rolling up with one hand

Packing Dyplon Modus A

Voila !

Packing Dyplon Modus A

Push down one leg of the pillow

The final shape has to be a cylinder

Do the same with the other leg of Modus

Packing Dyplon Modus A

The pillow is ready to squeeze in the carry bag


How to pack Modus B:

Dyplon Modus B

Place Modus B within your hands

Packing Dyplon Modus B

It is ready to slide in the carry bag

Dyplon Modus B

Start squeezing the foam

Voila !

Create a small cylinder shape

Preparing Modus for night sleep:


Place Modus one leg inside the main cover and place firmly the small piece


Gently fix the side pipings in line with the pillow, by stretching the main cover


Place the second leg of the Modus A inside the cover

Finally install the extra cover

At this stage the main cover may feel a bit tight, (which is designed to be)

Sweet dreams !