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It was NASA that first introduced memory foam back in the 1970s to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for aircraft seats. Moulding to the body in response to heat and pressure, it allows for a completely even distribution of body weight. Then, once the pressure is removed, it returns to its original shape, but “remembers” the shape of your head for the following night. Whether you want to treat or prevent joint pains and back problems or help with conditions such as sleep apnoea, these pillows can be a godsend.

The raw material of our visco foams is produced by BASF, a leading German Chemical company which compiles all EU safety regulations. However the unique formula that has been set after long testing years, is %100 ours.

The holes all over the foam are for you to feel cooling ventilation air flow, with every single movement during your long sleeps.

The small air-pockets on the foam block, which can be seen in the pictures on the right hand, is natural result of the human-skin-friendly production methods.

Visco Foam



The first cover you will see on top of our foam blocks. Made out of %100 pure cotton, which you can still see natural cotton defects and signatures. The cover is sealed and not removable. 

Because of this, we made all our inner covers, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Dust mite. These inner covers will protect you and your pillow for ever.




This special fabric design has 2 main goals. First it has to be strong enough to keep the desired shape last forever, second it has to be comfortable while being natural.

The fabrics construction looks like a sandwich. At the bottom layer we have a polyester layer which gives the long lasting stability, and durability. 

At the top we have again %100 Natural pure Cotton, gives the comfort and safety.

We added a pinch of elastane at the end, and we achieved a very strong, functional and comfortable cover.



You can buy 2 extra cover packs which engineered to fit to your pillow perfectly. Only on our website shop purchases you can find a very special offer. All pillows are shipped with 2 free extra covers normally sold separately in all other e-shops. 

The covers made out of highest grade cotton, including some elastane fibres ( %6 ) which ensure easy and nice-even fit throughout your pillow.

We have also applied anti-pilling finish which ensures long lasting quality and fresh look.

Thanks to the envelope design,  these extra covers are zip-less. Which means there will be no uncomfortable metal and solid parts, could interfere with your sleep.



A very unique designs that allows users to freely roll up their pillows when needed. 

One side is fully velcro acceptable and it is very easy to lock the rolled pillow.

It is made out of %100 poly propylene 


The key goal of our design team is always using the most natural components. 

Even the labels in our pillows are made out of %100 Pure cotton. 

Good to know natural options are endless.


The perfect way to carry your pillows in a compact shape while protecting them from rain and dust. 

The bags are made out of %100 Cotton fabrics with Polyurethane coating at the back.



Our premium boxes made with sturdy cardboard that is covered in the highest quality kraft paper, making them luxurious to the touch and in appearance. 

In the meantime, all the papers we use in our boxes are recycled. No new trees cut.

The Packaging
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